Projects Types

Renovations additions and alterations to your existing house.

New Homes subdivisions and development options under the Unitary Plan.

Group Housing for apartments and terrace housing.

Commercial Refurbishment – get a building consent before you move in

Temples, concept plans and feasibility studies to consent documentation

Landscape Design – create the right environment

Services We Provide

Design and Drafting

Explore all the possible design options and finalise the best design solution for you. We look at your project holistically before we start drafting the final drawings.

Project Feasibility

You can make informed decisions with the help of our FEASIBILITY report for your project before you start spending big money on the drawing and drafting work. Low risk and low investment to begin with !!

Organize and Attend

Take away your stress by co ordinating with other external consultants as and when required for the consent. We do the running around for you. You pay them directly and are in complete control.

Co ordinate with Council and provide them with any extra/ missing information till you get the consent.

Resource Consent Reports

Provide you with detailed drawings and documentation for a Building consent (and Resource Consent, if required).  Remember in the unlikely event of you not getting a consent, the drawings fees are refunded back to you. You have nothing to lose!!

3D Sketches & Animations

3D sketches and animations as required to help you visualise your completed project even before you get started.

Interior Design & Sourcing of Art

How would you new lounge look before it is consented? What sort of furniture will suit and where can you find them? We can do all that for you.

Eco Design & Sustainability Reports

Can you save money on your power bills with solar energy and LED lighting? Would a big openings to the North retain more heat? What ventilation system and heating system will be most efficient?

We could help you with the answers to all these.