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First we do a feasibility study to see if it is worth putting your money based on your requirements.
If we see that the project appears to be feasible we give you a proposal. On your approval, we can get cracking with the concepts.
Once you are happy with the concepts, we begin preparing plans and documents needed to get a building consent.
We then lodge the consent and coordinate with the council providing whatever extra information they require.
Finally we get the consent from the council and celebrate. Now the work on your project can begin.



Our detailed questionnaire helps to understand your needs and assess the project feasibility in consultation with the local Council and Consultants. We only give you a proposal if the proposed work
seems very likely to get a consent. The initial time we spend ensures that the design and documentation we undertake are guaranteed to get you a Building Consent. This ensures that there are no costly surprises for you later on in the project. With minimal investment, we can take away your risk and headaches.
If however a consent cannot be issued after lodgement, we shall give you a 100% refund for the design fees, no questions asked. Hence there is absolutely no risk to your investment.

Concept Drawings

You dream and we take on your headache and risks. We listen to you and do our best to ensure that you get what you want.We have a 2 stage design process. The first stage is the concept design stage where we looks at various options and give you the best design solution for your renovation or new house design. Once it is  finalized from your end it is passed onto a builder to give you an indicative pricing.  This gives you the confidence and assurance that the design is as per your budget.

We do not want to waste your money for a design that is unaffordable for you. If it does not fit your budget we are ready to revise the design or details

Consent Documentation

Once you are happy with the concept design and the indicative costing from the builder, we proceed with the detailed working drawings. We engage other consultants like structural engineers, roof truss designers who are a part of our network group as required with your approval. Once their feedback is received, we complete the final drawings and documentation. At this stage the drawings are sent to the builder again for a closer look and a realistic pricing. Once you are happy with their feedback, you instruct us to lodge the consent with Council.

Lodge Consent (Coordinate with Council)


Once the Building Consent is lodged, there could be request from Council in a few weeks for more
information concerning our drawings. We sort all of that for you without any additional charges (even if they are new regulations) until you get the Consent. We also follow up with Council as required.