Our No Monkey Business Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We therefore guarantee the following:

All the projects are assessed in consultation with the planning/drainage Consultants and Council as required prior to starting the design and drawings. This is to ensure that the design and documentation we undertake is sure to get you a Building Consent as long as all Council requirements are met satisfactorily.  If however a consent cannot be issued after lodgment for some unlikely reason, we shall give you a refund for our construction drawing fees only, no questions asked. Hence there is absolutely no risk to your investment with us.

We have a 2-stage design process. The first stage is the concept design stage where the design is finalized by you and passed onto a builder or a quantity surveyor to give you an indicative pricing. This gives you the confidence and assurance that the design is as per your budget. If it does not fit your budget, we will make changes at the concept design itself or phase the proposed work to suit. So you don’t lose your peace of mind. This is valid only if the services of a registered builder or a quantity surveyor is used in conjunction with our design proposal at the concept design stage

Our detailed questionnaire and feasibility study ensures that we give you what you want and more if we are able to squeeze it in. We get consultant quotes for approval before proceeding ahead. You pay them directly keeping it simple and transparent. We deal with the Consultants keeping it hassle free for you. All finalized drawings and recommendations of the consultants involved with your project are sent to you and your builder/ project manager for a final check before being lodged with the Council. We keep you in total control of your project during the design process with fortnightly updates.