Our No Monkey Business Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We therefore guarantee the following:

Your project is guaranteed to get a consent

All the projects are assessed in consultation with the local Council and Consultants prior to starting work to ensure that the design and documentation we undertake are guaranteed to get you a Building Consent. If however a consent cannot be issued after lodgement, we shall give you a 100% refund for the design fees, no questions asked. Hence there is absolutely no risk to your investment.

Our design is guaranteed to be as per your budget

We have a 2-stage design process. The first stage is the concept design stage where the design is finalized and passed onto a builder to give you an indicative pricing. This gives you the confidence and assurance that the design is as per your budget. We do not want to waste your money for a design that is unaffordable for you. If it does not fit your budget, we will make changes in the design to ensure that it meets your budget and also fulfills your needs. So you have nothing to lose.

You dream and we take on your headache and risks

We listen to you and ensure that you exactly get what you want. Our detailed questionnaire and feasibility study ensures that there are no costly surprises for you later on in the project. With minimal investment, we can take away your risk and headaches.

Your assurance for no extra costs or hidden costs

Once the Building Consent is lodged, any request for extra information by the Council concerning our drawings (even if they are new regulations) will be promptly dealt with at no additional charge to you until you get the Consent.

You are in control throughout the design process

We establish an excellent communication system by email and/or phone to keep you in total control of your project during the design process with fortnightly updates. All finalized drawings and recommendations of the consultants involved with your project are sent to you before being lodged with the Council. Consultants are paid directly by you keeping your project cost down and hassle free.

Never ever worry about any big leaks or litigations in your project

We recommend that all our projects are specified with Moisture detection probes to give our clients this option. Regular bi annual moisture recordings are taken and kept on record online for your easy access. This prevents any future undetected leakages and gives you complete peace of mind. It also saves you the unnecessary stress of any future litigations and legal costs. When you sell your property, this helps you command a premium price.