Today we are talking about the Auckland Unitary Plan, what the zoning means, and how Tarzan Design can help you make the most of the new opportunities available to you.

The Auckland Unitary Plan

Auckland is growing at a rapid pace. The Auckland Unitary plan is designed to respond to the changing housing needs of Aucklanders and to protect the things we love –our lifestyles, environment, heritage, and our vibrant cultures and communities.

The Unitary plan breaks Auckland into different zones to manage how the different areas are used, remodelled or protected. The way that land is zoned reflects what sort of activities currently happen there and may also identify how the land is expected to be used in the future.

How the changes can affect you and making the most of this opportunity

Under the Auckland Unitary Plan, the council have responded to Auckland’s growing population and the need to intensify housing in particular areas. Each zone has different opportunities and restraints and can directly impact what options are available to you, as a homeowner.

In this article we will briefly compare two zones – single house and mixed housing suburban.

The mixed housing suburban zone is the most widespread residential sector in Auckland. The majority of the areas of Northcross, Blockhouse Bay and West Harbour, for example, fall under this category.

There are opportunities to intensify in the mixed housing suburban area. This zone enables more efficient use of larger sites and subdividing is allowed with each lot to be a minimum of 400m2. This zone will generally consist of two-storey detached and attached homes, in a variety of types and sizes, to promote housing choice and support new housing types.

However, if you live in a single house zone, subdivision and additional housing options are available, but more limited. Devonport, Northcote Point and Herne Bay fall predominantly under this category. This zone generally consists of heritage homes in established residential neighbourhoods, with spacious acreage and possibly a coastal outlook. You can alter your existing home in this zone, but the style, height and size need to be consistent with the character of your neighbourhood. Subdivision is allowed, but each lot needs to be a minimum of 600m2.

Don’t be put off from renovations or alterations if you live in a single house zone, though. Please talk to us about your dreams for your property, and we can work within council’s regulations with our innovative designs.

How we can help you get there

Depending on what zone you are in, the Auckland Unitary Plan creates opportunities for you to use your available space more efficiently, have more choice about the style of home you want to live in, and potentially generate an income from your property.

Tarzan Design has experience in a wide range of designs, zones, and property types. We’d love to hear from you if you are considering:

  • Altering your existing home.
  • Adding another unit.
  • Removing and rebuilding.

It’s important to engage a professional early, if you want to make these kinds of changes to your home. Tarzan Design has a deep understanding of the building consent process, what is allowed, and what opportunities are available to you.

We have a team of 21 consultants who can take you through each step. After a robust feasibility process, we can help you choose the most efficient, functional and highest quality option that suits your zone, your property, and most importantly, your lifestyle.

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