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Thinking of renovating, landscaping or adding multiple units on your property?

Tarzan Design provides you with architecturally designed solutions to help you increase your income potential, enjoy your available space, and discover the diamonds in your residential or commercial property. We can enhance the function, style and versatility of your place.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

No Consent – No Pay Guarantee!

If your project doesn’t get a consent though us we will take the necessary steps to get you the consent or we will refund the full amount that you have invested in us to do your documentation. We are confident of what we do and are prepared to take the risk on your behalf.

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How Tarzan Design can help you:

We’re the Robin Hoods of the property jungle – taking away palaces and providing more homes – whilst maintaining excellent, high-functioning and modern design.
The property market needs high-quality intensification. With homes of over 200m2 becoming the norm, a lot of space is wasted – especially when children move out.
But it’s hard navigating the property jungle on your own, with increasing building design costs, increasing involvement of multiple consultants, council uncertainties and changes to regulations.
That’s where Tarzan Design can help. Our team of licensed architectural designers will guide you from the feasibility of the project, to conceptual designs, and right through to council consent. We deliver innovative architectural solutions, overcome obstacles, and achieve your goals for your home or commercial property.
And we collaborate with a wide network of consultants, builders and building professionals – taking away the hassle and doing the running around for you.
If you want to generate more income from your existing property, renovate for a more versatile home, remove and rebuild, or find out more about our services, let’s talk.

No hidden or extra costs

We promptly provide Council with any missing information that they need in relation to our drawings, at no additional charge to you. So, unless there are any changes either from Council or from you, what we quote is what you pay.

Guaranteed building consent

Tarzan Design has worked with all councils in New Zealand, completing over 1050 projects since 1995. Our excellent feasibility process means we only give you a proposal if we get positive feedback from our consultants. We only take on projects that have a very high possibility of getting a consent. In the unlikely event of not getting a consent, despite meeting all of Council needs, we will refund the design and drawing fees.

Meeting your budget

We engage a builder (and often a quantity surveyor) after we have completed the concept drawings, so that you get a clearer picture of the costs associated with the project, before you spend more money and apply for a consent. Based on their feedback, we’ll modify your approved design to meet your budget and fulfil your needs.

You’re in control at every stage

We stay in touch by phone or email to give you regular project updates once the drawing process begins. We organise and do the running around so that you are in control.

Two biggest worries were cost and time to get the design completed. Tarzan Designs were very responsive to my initial request for information. They clearly outlined costs to do the work, which were very reasonable, and committed to a clear timeline. Their communication was very good (they always answered my questions or queries quickly), and they did what they said they were going to do.

Craig Ogborn

My property was worth around $350,000. Having completed my project with Tarzan Design my property is almost doubled in it's worth. I regard their fees as an investment to my project rather than a cost. Plus they were are always approachable and fantastic to deal with.

David Jaikumar

Straight up no nonsense and honest talk. Told me that what I wanted to do, can be done within reason and why.
Definitely no query or changing of lay out design was too big an ask, they did changes as I wanted quite a few times before we were happy to lodge the plans with council.

Baljit Singh

…the designs just fitted with our existing house, it doesn’t look like an addition… all round great… the communication was great and you didn’t feel like you were asking silly questions… [answered] in plain English…

Gordon and Stella Gibbons

…they were easily approachable, and they gave sensible advice… the main thing which I really liked about Tarzan Design was that they guaranteed to get me a building consent… Bobby went the extra mile… and solved the problem…

David Jaikumar